When you think of the best wedding resorts in India, Sikchi Resort comes to mind.
Nestled in the lush green suburbs of Amravati, Maharastra, Sikchi Resort is a 7-acre resort with expertly crafted amenities to offer a wholesome experience to you. Our multiple indoor and outdoor venues are engineered to match your needs and support you in all possible ways to reflect your dreams in your celebrations.
While we specialize in Luxury Wedding Celebrations, we organize all types of events, from family gatherings to birthday parties, from company outings to social meetings, from live concerts to movie shootings, we make sure you have a hassle-free and memorable time.

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Our Story

Sikchi Resort is built by Shri. Premkishorji Sikchi, who was born on this very land in a hut. He spent his entire childhood in Walgaon, albeit in impoverished conditions. After graduating from UDCT, Mumbai, he moved to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where he earned great success in his businesses. But the lure of his motherland kept beckoning him. One day, he saw an interview where Bill Gates spoke about his decision to donate most of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Inspired, Shri. Premkishorji Sikchi too decided that he will spend the rest of his life and wealth paying back his debts to his motherland which had a formative role in his success.

Sikchi Resort was born out of the need to create a sustainable pool of funds in order to serve the local community of Walgaon and the surrounding Vidarbha region.

Thus, Sikchi Resort is built on a unique premise. All profits from Sikchi Resort go to the Premkishor Sikchi Charitable Trust and are put towards the upliftment of the community. Besides this, its gates are always open to anyone who intends to carry out programs of public interest – free of cost.

Premkishor Sikchi Charitable Trust’s vision is to transform Walgaon and surrounding areas, into an ideal, smart Indian village by implementing empowering, self-sustainable, and eco-friendly practices. The mission is to make this village a source of inspiration for others to follow suit.

Since it’s inception in 2016, the Premkishor Sikchi Charitable Trust has accomplished many projects of public interest and has been instrumental in kick-starting many community initiatives.

And for this, we are thankful to all our customers.

Here are some of the projects we have undertaken in and around Walgaon.

Community Support

Community Hall

We have built a 7000 sq.ft Community Hall in a predominately Muslim area. This Hall is used for the community’s social celebrations and the consumer is charged a nominal price to book it. Some events, such as health-related and educational programs, are organized free of cost. The operations are managed by a joint Hindu and Muslim committee. Truly a sign of unity and inspiration.

Hindu Muslim Ekta Manch

To maintain and enhance the communal harmony of the region, we have formed a Hindu-Muslim Ekta Manch to support joint celebrations. The community comes together to celebrate all festivals in the region.



Gadgebaba Vrudhashram

A Functional Hall was built at Gadgebaba Vrudhashram. The hall has various facilities like kitchen, garden, and toilets and is landscaped with a green atmosphere.




All-Inclusive Library

We built an All-Inclusive Library for students aspiring to appear for various competitive exams. Many of the students who found sanctuary here have been employed in private sectors and high-paying government roles.




High School

We currently run a High School with a huge open sports complex. Over 300 students from Walgaon and neighboring villages study here at nominal fees.





Entire School Building

Donated the Entire School Building of Premkishore Sikchi Vidyalaya in Amravati. With more classrooms, more students get the opportunity to study.




Hostel for Vedshala

We have built a Hostel for Vedshala at Changapur, a small village in Amravati District and a Common Hall for Girls Hostel at Pune.





Health and Sanitation

Healthcare Center

We started a modern Healthcare Center which comes with an attached Pharmacy to take care of financially weak patients. We regularly arrange for Specialty Physicians and various Health Camps (full health check-ups, cancer awareness, blood donations, free cataract surgeries, etc.) free of cost. Frequent free In-House visits are also conducted for the extremely poor class.



Public Sanitation

Sikchi Trust has employed its own cleaning staff and sponsored a dump truck to maintain public sanitation across the village. We have also provided steel enclosures at various places for garbage disposal and build public toilets. Known for its arid land, we built 25 drinking water fountains across the village.




Environment and Farmers

In-House Organic Nursery and a Kitchen Garden

An In-House Organic Nursery and a Kitchen Garden are formed as a testbed for organic produce within the region.



Krishi Bhavan

A fully computerized Krishi Bhavan (an agricultural research center) was built to help the local farming community achieve higher yields from their lands. We’ve formed a group of 100 farmers to educate and help them cultivate organic farming, share their experience and learn about the latest in Agriculture. This center also works on the distribution and marketing of the organic yield which further helps the farmers fetch a higher price for their harvests.

Go Green initiative

In a Go Green initiative, Sikchi Trust has planted 1000 plants with tree guards in and around the village. Next, we plan to distribute 10,000 plants free of cost from our own nursery. In the coming years, this will boost the chances of proper rainfall in the area.

Women and Senior Citizens Welfare

Aid to Women

We have provided financial aid to around 1000 women. In addition to this, to give a helping hand to the physically handicapped / financially challenged rural women, we have distributed useful items, such as wheelchairs, cycles, sewing machines, hearing aids, walking crutches, etc.


Health Camp for Senior Citizens

A 60-bed Seva Sadan to house abandoned senior citizens is under construction at Ahmedabad with the added facility to take care of terminally ill patients with 24-hour medical attention.


Women Empowerment

We help organize various government-funded Women Empowerment Programs every month. We not only organize these events but also lease our facilities to other campaigns free of cost.




Future Projects:

  • We will shortly start work on the Waste Management Project at a village level. Our goal is to convert home waste into organic fertilizer. With proper education and resources, we plan to achieve this goal to use natural chemicals in our farms.
  • We will provide guidance and monetary support for Women Empowerment Programs, such as promoting home-based small businesses, creating organic home kitchen gardens, etc.

Eco Friendly Resort

Think Green – Live Green

More and more people today are concerned about the health of the environment and are trying to leave minimum carbon footprint by making spaces eco-friendly. We too, at Sikchi Resort, are trying to do our bit.

The resort is designed, built and maintained keeping the environmental issues in mind. Some of the steps we have taken are:

– 100% of electricity running in the resort is through solar panels

– Produce in the restaurant is from the organic kitchen garden

– Indigenous trees and flora are grown in plantations and nursery

– In-room bouquets are prepared from our own Rose Garden

– An RO water plant for the entire resort to minimize the use of plastic bottles

So, it is with joy that we invite you, our guests, to celebrate not just your stay with us, but also to join us in bringing a much-needed eco-awareness in our way of life. Our initiative towards a safer environment is what makes us the pinnacle of environment-friendly resorts in the entire Vidarbha region.

Indegenious Plants, Fruits and Vegetables Grown at Sikchi Resort

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