Sikchi Resort: An Alternate Gateway Near Nagpur

Sikchi Resort: An Alternate Gateway Near Nagpur

Where Wellness Meets Philanthropy

You look at the clock. It’s 5 pm and time to go home. You are not sure what you are dreading more — the traffic or the house chores. You sigh and wish for a time-out to break the monotony. Weekend is just around the corner; a thought comes to your mind. A quick search on Google shows you resorts near Nagpur. You dial a number and have got yourself two rooms! You quickly call your family and ask them to pack their bags. 

Wouldn’t you wish things were so simple and easy? Believe it or not, it is. You can book yourself a retreat at Sikchi Resort with just a phone call. A short distance from Nagpur (less than 160 Km or say about 3 hours), our resort is the epitome of wellness. Surrounded by greenery, you will find yourself at peace as soon as you step in. 

Why should you choose Sikchi Resort as your wellness gateway you ask? 

Away from the city’s hustle-bustle, you will find yourself calm and relaxed. Our seven-acre property is in the midst of nature and the only sounds you will hear are those of birds and the bees. Here and there, you will hear the soothing sound of water flowing from one of our many fountains. Bliss! Once you check-in, you can opt for a private massage session from our professional therapists to relieve the aches and destress your body. We guarantee full satisfaction after your session.

Worried about the kids? Let them play outdoors and our staff will keep an eye out. With a kid’s park and lots of outdoor space, they will get the childhood they deserve. In the afternoons, you can spend some quality time with kids and play a game of carrom or table tennis. And why just kids? Get yourself out and about with lots of sun and fresh air. Use our open gym and lawns to be on track with your workout schedule. Read books from our library and open your mind to the world outside. 

And if you are missing home-made food, worry no more. Our restaurant serves lip-smacking nutritious food of your liking. With a wide variety of food to choose from, your taste buds will be craving for more after every meal. 

Happiness doesn’t end here. The cherry on the cake is your contribution to society. And no, we aren’t asking you to donate in cash. Every time you visit us, be it for a weekend getaway or to hold an event, you are contributing to the social good. 

Founded on the idea to give back to society, 100% of the profits we make at the resort go to the Premkishor Sikchi Charitable Fund. This charity oversees all the activities and ensures fund allocation to the needy. Involved in the upliftment of society, Sikchi Resort has taken up many social causes. One of them is transforming Walgaon and other nearby villages to be self-sustained and eco-friendly.

Read more about our projects here.

So what are you waiting for? Book your rooms today!


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